Can a psychologist diagnose dyslexia?

In most cases, testing for dyslexia is done by a licensed educational psychologist. Neurologists and other medical professionals may also be qualified to provide a formal diagnosis.

How do I get tested for dyslexia?

The first steps in obtaining a diagnosis of dyslexia are to talk to your school and have your child’s hearing and vision checked. Eliminating problems with vision and hearing is an important step before considering further assessments. Only an educational psychologist should carry out a formal assessment for dyslexia.

Can a school psychologist diagnose dyslexia?

Below are my questions: 1. Legally, are school psychologists able to give a formal dyslexia diagnosis? On your website it says we can, but the National Association of School Psychologists says we cannot.

Do psychologists treat dyslexia?

Specific programs designed for dyslexia, such as Orton-Gillingham or Lindamood-Bell, may also be recommended by a trained reading specialist or educational psychologist.

Is dyslexia a psychological disorder?

Does Dyslexia relate to mental illness? Dyslexia is not a mental illness according to most definitions although 30 years ago dyslexic people were often cared for by psychiatrists. Today we call dyslexia a learning disability.

What are the 4 types of dyslexia?

Dyslexia Types

  • Phonological Dyslexia. This is the ‘type’ of dyslexia that people generally mean when they are talking about dyslexia. …
  • Surface Dyslexia. This is the ‘type’ of dyslexia where a student has difficulty remembering whole words by sight. …
  • Double Deficit Dyslexia. …
  • Visual Dyslexia. …
  • Other Dyslexias.
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Can you test for dyslexia at home?

This free dyslexia self-test is designed to determine whether your child shows symptoms similar to those of dyslexia. If the results give you further concern about the possibility of dyslexia, see an educational professional. An accurate diagnosis can only be made through clinical evaluation.

Why do schools not test for dyslexia?

Not only are public schools lacking funding but they are often lacking time and teachers as well. Providing dyslexia-specific testing requires expensive tests, and hiring or training of an evaluator. Beyond testing, dyslexia intervention requires the time of a specialist, again, a costly endeavor.

What can a school psychologist diagnose?

School psychologists can diagnose mental health disorders, but more frequently a school psychologist will serve as a repository of information from school reports and perhaps as a coordinator for a larger intervention team for your child.

How does an educational psychologist test for dyslexia?

The assessment itself may involve observing your child in their learning environment, talking with key adults involved with your child’s learning, and asking your child to take part in a series of tests. These tests may examine your child’s: reading and writing abilities. language development and vocabulary.

What happens if dyslexia is not treated?

Left untreated, dyslexia may lead to low self-esteem, behavior problems, anxiety, aggression, and withdrawal from friends, parents and teachers. Problems as adults. The inability to read and comprehend can prevent a child from reaching his or her potential as the child grows up.

Is dyslexia a form of autism?


Dyslexia is a learning disorder that involves difficulty interpreting words, pronunciations, and spellings. Autism or autistic spectrum disorder is a developmental disorder where the brain processes sound and colors in a manner different from an average brain.

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