Does Pepperdine have a good psychology program?

Pepperdine is in the top 10% of the country for psychology. More specifically it was ranked #60 out of 1,110 schools by College Factual. It is also ranked #6 in California.

What majors is Pepperdine known for?

The most popular majors at Pepperdine University include: Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs; Social Sciences; Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies; Psychology; Parks, Recreation, Leisure, Fitness, and Kinesiology; Visual and Performing Arts; …

Does Pepperdine University have a psychology program?

Psychology Degree

Our faculty provide psychology majors with a series of courses focusing on the foundations of psychological principles and methodology to prepare them for admission into graduate school or career entry as professional psychologists and therapists.

Is a degree from Pepperdine worth it?

Within California, Pepperdine Offers Good Quality for a Fair Price. Pepperdine University is ranked #19 out of #116 in California for quality and #49 out of #90 for California value. This makes it a good quality for a fair price in the state.

Is Pepperdine a good graduate school?

Whether you’re interested in one of our master’s degree or doctoral degree programs, Pepperdine’s comprehensive, high-quality graduate programs in business, law, education, psychology, and public policy are recognized as among the best in higher education.

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Is Pepperdine a rich kid school?

Pepperdine is full up super-religious, rich kids. The school has an overly religious tone to it. Rich, beach blond bimbo’s and surfer dudes, or either the super Christian kids who have never kissed a boy and wouldn’t even dream of drinking.

Is Pepperdine test optional 2022?

Pepperdine University is now test optional for undergraduate international students and US students studying outside of the United States for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Is it hard to get into Pepperdine?

Pepperdine Acceptance Rate: How Difficult Is It to Get In? Pepperdine is fairly selective, with an undergraduate admissions rate of 35%. Of 12,134 applications last year, only 4,249 were accepted. Ultimately, 954 students chose to attend Pepperdine, giving the class a yield of 22%.

Is Pepperdine a party school?

Pepperdine is a very calm environment. There are parties, but it is also a dry campus. … So Pepperdine students do not party as much as other schools. Prospective students who are party animals should possibly seek to attend other schools.

Is Pepperdine expensive?

Pepperdine University is one of the 100 most expensive colleges in the America, coming in 47th on our Expensive 100 Ranking. The cost is 127% more expensive than the average California tuition of $24,481 for 4 year colleges. … Price does not vary by residence.

Is Pepperdine an elite school?

You will find Pepperdine ranks among the top elite national universities from academics to value, yet an important distinction from our peers is our faculty mentorship, our 13:1 student-faculty ratio, and our commitment to students’ spiritual as well as academic development.

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Is Pepperdine a dry campus?

Pepperdine has a dry campus. This means that no alcohol is allowed, even if you are of legal drinking age. Most of our students like to find other fun things to do, like intramural sports, watching movies, or exploring LA!

How much is a Masters from Pepperdine?

The average tuition & fees for graduate programs are $36,320 for all graduate students in the academic year 2020-2021. A total of 4,334 students is enrolled in graduate degree programs out of total 7,961 students at Pepperdine University.