Does somatic experiencing work?

While greater research is still needed, there is evidence that finds benefit to somatic therapy. With the help of a licensed therapist, a person can better manage the physical tension in their body and experience a better life.

Why is Somatic Experiencing effective?

According to Kate Pabst, a Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner at Lyn-Lake Psychotherapy and Wellness, SE helps people “build awareness, coherence and self-regulation. The result is a deeper understanding of the body/mind connection with improved ability to release and regulate emotions.

What to expect during Somatic Experiencing?

Somatic Experiencing sessions involve the introduction of small amounts of traumatic material and the observation of a client’s physical responses to that material, such as shallow breathing or a shift in posture.

Is Somatic Experiencing evidence based?

Yes, some somatic therapies are evidence-based.

When seeking therapy, evidence-based care is important in establishing the legitimacy of treatment. Additionally, most practitioners need ongoing training and certification to practice somatic therapy.

What is the difference between Somatic Experiencing and EMDR?

Traditional therapy attends to the cognitive and emotional elements of traumatic experience, the somatic experience is often left out of the room. EMDR Therapy uses a structured protocol for the treatment of post traumatic stress and related emotions, beliefs, and sensations.

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Can you do somatic experiencing on yourself?

Can you practice somatic experiencing by yourself? It’s highly recommended that you start somatic therapy with the help of a trained therapist. This can help you customize your approach to your specific trauma, emotions, and symptoms. It may also feel safer if any unexpected emotions come up.

Is somatic therapy only for trauma?

Additionally, somatic approaches are appropriate even for individuals who may not have experienced a specific trauma. Even exposure to long term stress can negatively impact multiple systems (nervous, hormonal, neurotransmitter, attachment systems, etc) in the body.

What does a somatic therapy session look like?

What does a somatic therapy session look like? Usually, we start by sitting and talking, and then eventually, we work our way over to the table and begin with really light touch. The first thing, I invite the person to check in with their body—just observe what they’re feeling, what they’re noticing in their bodies.

How many somatic experiencing sessions are there?

How often do I need to come in for SE therapy? Usually we recommend starting with weekly sessions and spacing them out further after approximately 4 sessions. However, this may also vary considerably from client to client.

What are somatic techniques?

Somatic Techniques are used when an individual is having a difficult time controlling the tension and discomfort of their muscles. It is the result of memories or traumatic experiences that have been repressed and forgotten about consciously – although, the subconscious has yet to deal with the experience.

How does somatic healing work?

Therapists who practice somatic therapy believe a person’s inner feelings impact their physical form – they use mind-body exercises to release pent-up trauma from the mind and the body. By releasing these bodily sensations, a therapist works towards healing trauma from the inside out.

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