What emotion is associated with the spleen?

Worry is the emotion of the spleen/stomach/pancreas network, organs associated with the earth element. Too much pensiveness, worrying and insecurity can weaken our ability to digest – simply knot the energy.

Does the spleen affect emotions?

4 In TCM, the spleen is linked to the following emotions and ailments: Emotions: Excessive mental work such as worry, dwelling, or focusing too much on a particular topic.

What emotions are stored in what organs?

The emotions had superior tf-idf values with the following bodily organs: anger with the liver, happiness with the heart, thoughtfulness with the heart and spleen, sadness with the heart and lungs, fear with the kidneys and the heart, surprise with the heart and the gallbladder, and anxiety with the heart and the lungs …

What does the spleen represent in Chinese medicine?

Thus, TCM also describes the Spleen as the source of “production and mutual transformation” (生化, pinyin: shēng-huà) of qì and xuě. the Spleen distributes the water extracted from the food and distributes it to the whole of the body, especially to the Lung and Kidney zàng, and thus assists the body’s water metabolism.

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Does the liver store emotions?

03/6​Anger – Liver

The emotion of anger is associated with the choleric humor and can cause resentment and irritability. It is believed that this emotion is stored in the liver and gall bladder, which contain bile.

What foods irritate the spleen?

It is important to avoid foods that are “damp”: alcohol, fat, fast sugars and excessive quantities of dairy products — for example, “fromage blanc,” which has a moisture content of 80%. The spleen is sensitive to erratic eating habits and can be weakened by skipping breakfast, copious or late dinners, and snacking.

How do you cleanse your spleen?

For Spleen:

  1. The foremost factor for spleen health is mindful eating. …
  2. Introduce a small amount of protein in your diet. …
  3. Have natural warm food stuff like ginger, black pepper, cardamom, and cinnamon that help clean the spleen and provide antioxidants.

What emotions are stored in the hips?

This unconscious tension can be held from one traumatic event, or lots of little events where the stress of feelings like sadness, fear and worry are stored and can get stuck. No matter how you say it, stretching the hip muscles causes a release and allows stored emotion to melt away.

What emotions are stored in the eyes?

The eye-widening cluster was associated with mental states related to information sensitivity, including awe, anticipation, cowardice, and interest.

How do you release grief from your body?

If it feels too much, try dropping any thoughts or images in your mind and merely focus on the body sensations of sadness with a stance of curiosity and compassion towards yourself. Ride the wave of sadness, stay with it, allow yourself to cry until it is over and the wave ends. Stay breathing until you feel calmer.

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Are eggs good for spleen?

Your diet should include the following: YES: Spleen Qi diet (above) plus chicken soup, eggs, oysters and an abundance of leafy greens such as spinach and kale. A moderate amount of red meat is also recommended.

How can I improve my spleen health?

Diet. Take regular meals, and avoid sweet, greasy, raw, or cold food. Choose foods that help improve spleen function such as glutinous rice, red date, chicken meat (lean), and Chinese yam.