What is the abbreviation for psychologist?

ABCFP American Board of Couple and Family Psychology
LP Licensed Psychoanalyst -or- Licensed Psychologist
LPA Licensed Psychological Associate
LpastC Licensed Pastoral Counselor
LPC Licensed Professional Counselor

What are the initials for a psychologist?

Therapist Credentials: What do all those letters mean?

  • Psychologist: Doctorate Level. PhD, PsyD, EdD (they will also have Dr. …
  • Psychologist: Masters Level. MA, MS, LGPC, LCPC. …
  • Social Worker. …
  • Marriage and Family Therapist. …
  • Pastoral Counseling.

What is the abbreviation for psychology?


Acronym Definition
PSY Psychology
PSY Psychiatry
PSY Psychic
PSY Psychometrics (Henderson, NV)

What is the abbreviation for psychology degree?

Degree abbreviations

Degree Abbreviation Other abbreviations
Doctor of Psychology DPsych Psy.D.
Doctor of Public Health DrPH
Doctor of Public Health Dr.P.H.
Doctor of Science DSc ScD

Can a psychologist be called a doctor?

Clinical Psychologist are professionals with an MPhil in Clinical Psychology (wherein they have had an intensive experience of seeing clients under supervision and training). They or those with a Master’s in psychology cannot carry the title of a “Dr” unless they have a qualification of a Doctorate.

What does LP stand for in psychology?

Licensed Psychologist (LP)

What does R stand for in Psychology?

Correlation strength is measured from -1.00 to +1.00. The correlation coefficient, often expressed as r, indicates a measure of the direction and strength of a relationship between two variables.

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What does ES mean in Psychology?

The Relationship between Effect Size and Sample Size. An ES is a measure of the strength of a phenomenon which estimates the magnitude of a relationship. Thus, ES offer information beyond p-values.

What is MSc in psychology?

MSc degree in Psychology basically focuses on research and the science behind the brain, behaviour and psychological processes. MA degree in Psychology focuses on the study of liberal arts and theories of the subject. … An academic career with a lot of research and knowledge.