What is the five year forward view for mental health?

The Five Year Forward View for Mental Health committed the NHS to ensuring that an additional 70,000 children and young people with a diagnosable mental health condition access treatment per year by March 2020/21, equating to approximately 35% of need based on the 2004 ONS prevalence survey.

What is NHS 5 year forward view?

The NHS five year forward view proposes a new care model for modern maternity services, stating that a review of future models for maternity units will recommend how best to sustain and develop maternity units across the NHS in England.

What is the purpose of the Five Year Forward View?

The Five Year Forward View outlines a health system that has a new relationship with patients and communities. It sets out a series of commitments in relation to empowering people, supporting carers, promoting volunteering, and engaging the voluntary sector and communities.

Has 5 year forward view been successful?

The Five Year Forward View for Mental Health gave the call for mental health services some real momentum but fell short in the area of improved population wide mental health.

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Who wrote the Five Year Forward View for mental health?

The Five Year Forward View was produced by NHS England in October 2014 under the leadership of Simon Stevens as a planning document.

What is the five year forward strategy?

It is a future that empowers patients to take much more control over their own care and treatment. It is a future that dissolves the classic divide, set almost in stone since 1948, between family doctors and hospitals, between physical and mental health, between health and social care, between prevention and treatment.

Does the NHS long term plan replace the Five Year Forward View?

In adult services, the plan signals an extension of commitments in the Five year forward view for mental health beyond 2020/21 to 2023/24.

What is future mind?

Future in Mind is a government initiative aiming to transform the way child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) are delivered nationally. 75 per cent of adults with mental health conditions experience symptoms before the age of 18.

What is the implementation plan for mental health?

The implementation plan expects that 100% of mental health providers will be fully digitised and integrated with other parts for the health and care system by 2024. This is part of the wider requirement on systems to set out their comprehensive digital strategy and investment plan over the next five years.

What are national drivers in healthcare?

A term referring to those UK government policies which guide how services are best developed so standards and targets can be achieved by those providing and delivering healthcare.

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What is the STP NHS?

An STP – sustainability and transformation plan – is a new planning framework for NHS services. STPs are intended to be a local blueprint for delivering the ambitions NHS bodies have for a transformed health service, which is set out in a document called Five Year Forward View.