You asked: How far away is 16 psyche from Earth?

The distance of Asteroid 16 Psyche from Earth is currently 574,838,222 kilometers, equivalent to 3.842556 Astronomical Units. Light takes 31 minutes and 57.4539 seconds to travel from Asteroid 16 Psyche and arrive to us.

Why is 16 psyche so expensive?

In fact, 16 Psyche was even called the ‘most expensive asteroid’ in the solar system, due to its built of pure nickel and iron. Forbes reported all the metals found in the asteroid could be worth $10,000 quadrillion in total, or more than the worth of world’s economy altogether, which was about $140 trilllion in 2019.

Will an asteroid destroy the Earth?

If an asteroid breaks into fragments, any fragment larger than 35 meters across would not burn up in the atmosphere and itself could impact Earth.

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