What is the primary difference between somatic symptom disorder and illness anxiety disorder quizlet?

What is the primary difference between somatic symptom disorder and illness anxiety disorder?

The difference between this and Somatic Symptom Disorder is that in Illness Anxiety, the bodily symptoms are not primary concern, and they are more concerned with the possible illness that is indicated by said somatic symptoms rather than the somatic symptoms themselves.

What is the main difference between somatic symptom disorder and factitious disorder quizlet?

In somatization disorder, multiple diagnostic procedures and exploratory surgeries may be in evidence but the procedures are organized around discovery (i.e. what’s wrong) whereas in factitious disorders there is a general lack of unwillingness or protest regarding potentially harmful or painful diagnostic or treatment

What are the similarities and differences between somatic symptom disorder and illness anxiety disorder?

Somatic Symptom Disorder is characterized by excessive worry about medical conditions and involves physical symptoms such as pain or fatigue. Illness Anxiety Disorder is similar, however, there are no physical symptoms or minor physical symptoms.

What is the primary symptom of illness anxiety disorder?

Symptoms of illness anxiety disorder involve preoccupation with the idea that you’re seriously ill, based on normal body sensations (such as a noisy stomach) or minor signs (such as a minor rash). Signs and symptoms may include: Being preoccupied with having or getting a serious disease or health condition.

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Can physical symptoms be caused by thoughts?

So if you’re experiencing unexplained aches and pains, it might be linked to your mental health. According to Carla Manley, PhD, a clinical psychologist and author, people with mental illnesses can experience a range of physical symptoms, such as muscle tension, pain, headaches, insomnia, and feelings of restlessness.

What do the somatic symptom disorders all have in common?

Some previously distinct somatic disorders—somatization disorder, undifferentiated somatoform disorder, hypochondriasis, and somatoform pain disorder—are now considered somatic symptom disorders. All have common features, including somatization—the expression of mental phenomena as physical (somatic) symptoms.

What type of disorder is illness anxiety disorder?

Illness Anxiety Disorder (Hypochondria, Hypochondriasis) Illness anxiety disorder is a chronic mental illness previously known as hypochondria. People with this disorder have a persistent fear that they have a serious or life-threatening illness despite few or no symptoms.