Question: What muscle tissue is under the control of the autonomic nervous system?

What type of muscle is under the control of the autonomic nervous system and under involuntary control group of answer choices?

Smooth muscle, found in the walls of the hollow internal organs such as blood vessels, the gastrointestinal tract, bladder, and uterus, is under control of the autonomic nervous system. Smooth muscle cannot be controlled consciously and thus acts involuntarily.

Which type of muscle is involuntary and controlled by the autonomic nervous system?

Smooth muscle, which is found in blood vessels, the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, bronchioles, the uterus, and the bladder, is under involuntary control by reflexes and the body’s autonomic nervous system.

Which type of striated muscle is controlled by the autonomic nervous system quizlet?

Also know as the “myocardium” is an involuntary but striated in appearance and is under control or the autonomic nervous system and has specialized neuromuscular tissue located in the right atrium.

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What is muscular tissue and nervous system?

The function of muscle tissue (smooth, skeletal, and cardiac) is to contract, while nervous tissue is responsible for communication.

What are the three main types of muscle tissue How do they differ?

Different types of muscle

  • Skeletal muscle – the specialised tissue that is attached to bones and allows movement. …
  • Smooth muscle – located in various internal structures including the digestive tract, uterus and blood vessels such as arteries. …
  • Cardiac muscle – the muscle specific to the heart.

What is the main function of smooth muscle?

The primary function of smooth muscle is contraction. Smooth muscle consists of two types: single-unit and multi-unit. Single-unit smooth muscle consists of multiple cells connected through connexins that can become stimulated in a synchronous pattern from only one synaptic input.

What parts of the nervous system controls smooth muscle?

The autonomic nervous system controls the activities of the inner organs (heart, glands, smooth muscles). It is involuntary.

Which muscles are not controlled by the autonomic nervous system?

Skeletal muscle is not controlled by the autonomic nervous system.

Which fibers fatigue the fastest?

Fast-Twitch, Type II

Fast-twitch type II muscle fibers are further divided into Type IIx and Type IIa. Typically, these have lower concentrations of mitochondria, myoglobin, and capillaries compared to our slow-twitch fibers, which means they are quicker to fatigue (1,2).

What type of muscle tissue is found in the stomach and intestines and is under involuntary control quizlet?

Smooth muscle are involuntary and generally don’t fatigue easily. Found in stomach, intestines, arteries etc. (heart muscle) is a type of involuntary striated muscle found in the walls and histological foundation of the heart, specifically the myocardium.

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Which bone is controlled by the muscles of mastication?

Mastication, or the act of chewing, involves adduction and lateral motion of the jaw bone. It is controlled by four bilateral muscles in the face. The lower jaw, or mandible, connects to the temporal bone of the skull via the temporomandibular joint, which allows movement in all planes.