What is general somatic efferent?

What is general somatic afferent?

The general somatic afferent (GSA) system comprises the neurons distributed primarily by the fifth cranial nerve to the surface of the head and all the spinal nerves to the surface of body and limbs that are sensitive to touch, temperature, and noxious stimuli.

What is GSA in neurology?

The general somatic afferent fibers (GSA, or somatic sensory fibers) afferent fibers arise from neurons in sensory ganglia and are found in all the spinal nerves, except occasionally the first cervical, and conduct impulses of pain, touch and temperature from the surface of the body through the dorsal roots to the …

What is the difference between somatic and visceral?

The Difference Between Somatic and Visceral Pain. … Somatic pain and visceral pain are two distinct types of pain, and they feel different. Somatic pain comes from the skin. muscles, and soft tissues, while visceral pain comes from the internal organs.

What are the special visceral efferent?

Special visceral efferent fibers (SVE) are the efferent nerve fibers that provide motor innervation to the muscles of the pharyngeal arches in humans, and the branchial arches in fish. Some sources prefer the term “branchiomotor” or “branchial efferent”.

What is the visceral system?

The visceral (or autonomic) motor system controls involuntary functions mediated by the activity of smooth muscle fibers, cardiac muscle fibers, and glands. … Conversely, parasympathetic system activity predominates during states of relative quiescence, so that energy sources previously expended can be restored.

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What is a afferent neuron?

Afferent neurons are sensory nerves

These are sensory neurons carrying nerve impulses from sensory stimuli toward the central nervous system and brain. Afferent neurons carry signals to the brain and spinal cord as sensory data.